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Closing the Racial Wealth Gap
Granting Access to Homeownership
Restoring Justice – One Home at A Time

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Building Wealth Through Homeownership

One of the biggest passages of wealth from generation to generation occurs through homeownership. Greenline Housing Foundation is reversing the effects of redlining and housing discrimination by providing down payment grants, financial education, and home maintenance assistance to qualified people of color.

Down Payment Grants

We give money to qualified applicants for a down payment towards the purchase of a home.

Financial Education

We’ve partnered with leading financial educators to make sure homeowners are not only set up well to buy a home, but also to thrive in their home.

Home Maintenance Assistance

We work with contractors to fund improvements to maintain and increase home values.

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There is a specific history that has led us to this point

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We don’t need to wait for our local, state, and federal governments. Together we can crowdfund reparations.

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