December 13, 2022 |

Andrew and Eupha Jeanne

Passionate educators putting down roots in Los Angeles.

Andrew and Eupha Jeanne

Eupha Jeanne’s grandfather fled from Jim Crow oppression in the South to Boston in the 1940’s, and raised 9 children in a three bedroom house. The daughter of a pastor growing up in Mt. Vernon, New York, Eupha Jeanne’s church and community exposed her to diversity and Black achievement, and that has laid the foundation for the social commitments she has made. She is currently getting her PhD and she is hopeful that her research will be relevant for educators, and ultimately help public schools to become more racially just. Andrew grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and, as a Black man in America, often grappled with what it meant to fit in. After college he participated in the Teach for America program and discovered his path in education. He now works as an assistant principal at a high school in Los Angeles and is thankful to be a positive Black male role model for his students. Purchasing a home allowed them to not only begin to build the generational wealth for their daughter that they never experienced, but, as passionate educators, they are able to put down roots in the Los Angeles community that they are so passionate about serving.

“A lot of people we know that bought houses were given a down payment. No one is giving us a down payment.”
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