February 2, 2024 |

Mike and Nia

Two creatives called to make a big move for their family and their future. 

Mike and Nia

Mike and Nia, both Creatives from the Bay Area, felt called to make the move down to Southern California where purchasing a home is more affordable. Mike, a first generation Nigerian American, grew up in a home his parents owned. They were fortunate enough to have purchased before the real estate market in the Bay Area became unaffordable for most. Nia, grew up surrounded by wealth in Silicon Valley and did her best to fit in, but it was rare for her to see homeownership in her family. Her family moved from apartment to apartment and never felt the stability and feeling of “home.” Now with two kids of their own, they’ve moved down south and purchased a home and hope it is something they can pass down to their kids one day. 

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