June 7, 2022 |

Brian and Christina

They had been looking for a home for almost two years.

Brian and Christina

Brian and Christina longed for a home that they could raise their children in, and a home that would ultimately become a part of their family’s legacy. They saved diligently and sacrificially for years and were finally ready to make that step, however the cost of housing in Southern California outpaced their efforts to save. As a result, they were putting offer after offer in on homes with no success based, in part, on their down payment being too low. Christina remarked that so many people she knew had access to gift funds when they purchased their home and she wished that her and Brian had the same. Greenline came in with that gift, and they had an offer accepted on the first home they offered on after receiving the Greenline grant. They are now proud homeowners and have begun an economic legacy for their family.

“The grant changed the trajectory of our next 5 to 10 years overnight.”
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