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Build Wealth Through Homeownership

One of the biggest passages of wealth from generation to generation occurs through homeownership. Greenline Housing Foundation is reversing the effects of redlining and housing discrimination by providing down payment grants, financial education, and home maintenance assistance to qualified people of color.

Start building your legacy.

Down Payment Grants

We give money to qualified applicants for a down payment towards the purchase of a home.

Financial Education

We’ve partnered with leading financial educators to make sure homeowners are not only set up well to buy a home, but also to thrive in their home.

Home Maintenance Assistance

We work with contractors to fund improvements to maintain and increase home values.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for a grant through Greenline Housing Foundation, applicants must:

Be a person/people of color
Be a first-time homebuyer

(or, if an applicant previously owned a home but no longer does, there is space to explain why on the application)

Not have liquid assets in excess of $100k
Agree not to sell or take equity out of home for 5 years
Complete of 10 hours of financial education courses through Greenline Housing Foundation
Purchase a single-family home, condo, townhome, or an owner-occupied multi-unit property that is 4 units or less
Purchase a property used as the primary residence
Meet income requirements consistent with amount of loan pre-approval

(an applicant must be pre-approved with a lender before they apply to Greenline. If an applicant does not have a lender, we can connect them with one of our lender partners.)

*If application is approved, grant amount is subject to availability of funds at time of approval. **If approved for a grant, applicant must begin (or continue) actively
seeking a home

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If you have a question about our process that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at

Once I apply, how long does it take to receive an answer?

Applicants are typically made aware of their award decision within a month. If additional information is required, the process could be longer.

If approved, how is my grant amount determined?

The down payment grant amount can be up to 20% of the pre-approved loan amount. Home maintenance grants are determined by verified scope of work needed. Ultimately, all grant amounts are determined by availability of funds at the time of approval.

If I am approved for a down payment grant and find a home,
how do I receive the funds?

Grant funds are wired directly to escrow at time of closing.

Does the grant have to be repaid?

No, grants funds do not have to be repaid and are considered gift funds. Yay!

If I receive a grant and purchase a home, can I sell my home within 5 years if I purchase another home with the funds?

Yes, as long as it’s for a primary residence.

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