Greenline Housing Foundation was started by Jasmin Shupper. While studying for her real estate license exam, she was struck by a fact that would later shape her life’s calling: it wasn’t until 1968 that it became illegal in every state to discriminate on the basis of race in the sale, rental and financing of real estate. Which means that before 1968, in some states lenders and sellers could use race as a legal reason to deny extending loans and transferring property. It is a well known fact that one of the biggest accumulators of wealth occurs through real estate that is passed down from generation to generation, and the money from the appreciation of those assets is often what funds future purchases.  However, due to the fact that discrimination in housing was legal and pervasive through practices such as redlining, generations of people of color and, specifically Black people, were left behind. Recalling her own lived experiences of blatant racism and discrimination, and angry at what that legacy meant for people of color, she was admonished by her pastor to steward her anger and translate it into righteous action to bring about lasting change.

Equipped with a business degree from Pepperdine University, a California real estate license, many years’ experience in credit risk underwriting, and a deep faith in God and the belief that He loves justice, Jasmin dreamed of a way to increase the occurrence of minority homeownership and provide a solution to a systemic problem that is generations old.  Greenline Housing Foundation is that solution.