Granting Access to Homeownership. Closing the Racial Wealth Gap. Restoring Justice.

Redlining was the practice by which lenders and/or insurance companies refused to service residents in certain areas based on their ethnicity, and the implications of that practice have widened the racial wealth gap. As a result of centuries of racial discrimination in the sale and financing of housing, the rate at which people of color have been able to own homes and build the economic legacy that homeownership affords, has been significantly impaired

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Building lasting legacies through access to homeownership

Greenline Housing Foundation seeks to reverse the effects of redlining and housing discrimination by providing down payment grants to qualified people of color. Through your generosity, we aim to make homeownership accessible to ethnic groups who have historically been legally and intentionally prevented from it. Greenline is repairing what years of discrimination and injustice have broken.

Down Payment Grants
We give money to qualified applicants for a down payment towards the purchase of a home.
Financial Education
We’ve partnered with leading financial educators to make sure homeowners are not only set up well to buy a home, but also to thrive in their home.
Home Maintenance Assistance
We work with contractors to fund improvements to maintain and increase home values.

Restoring Justice
– One Home at a time.

Initiating wealth restoration through a fair access to homeownership.
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