December 13, 2022 |


She wanted a home that would help her continue her passion of mentoring young women.


Raised by a single mother in Alabama, Mikayla longed for a home so that she could begin the path to financial independence, and one day return the blessings and honor the sacrifices that her mom has made over the years. After graduating with a degree in Public Relations, Mikayla secured a great job, took a leap of faith and moved to Atlanta to be a part of a church plant there where she is using the gift of her voice as a part of the worship arts team. With this new chapter of homeownership, she desires to bring generational wealth to her future family and also steward her home well, providing a safe and welcoming place for people to gather, and continuing her passion of mentoring young women. Her mantra is “push people up and propel them forward”. We are happy to help Mikayla do just that.

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